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General Insurance

What Is Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

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Insurance has many forms and functions but really just one purpose – to provide peace-of-mind. Your broker can tell you more about the basics of insurance and can help you make sure your needs are covered.

How Can I Reduce The Effects Of Fraud?

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Insurance fraud affects you, and you can help to reduce it.

Why Use An Insurance Broker?

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Your broker works for you, not the insurance company. They are at your side when you buy or upgrade your insurance or if you have to make a claim. Finding a broker who understands your needs is an important first step to being properly insured. Take the time to find someone you feel comfortable with.

How Can I Minimize My Insurance Costs?

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Brokers can help find ways to control your premiums and still get the coverage you need. Nobody likes to pay insurance premiums so any chance to control or reduce cost is welcome. Your broker can help you minimize premiums by helping to define your insurance needs and by shopping around for the best policy.

Making a claim

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How you make your claim is as important as what you claim. The right time to make a claim is immediately or as soon as you are able.