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Online Exams/New Registration Process

Step 1

 - Students MUST register through They can choose the self-study option. 

Step 2

 - When students are ready to write their exam, they will register through the Captus Press website located on the My Courses page. Students will be required to purchase their exam before they are approved to write. Payment by credit card is highly recommended for ease ( you can either enter info or have a manager call in with the number - 416-736-5537 ) but cheques made out to Captus Press are accepted; however, due to the delay in processing a cheque, students must give 2 weeks before they plan to write their exam.

Step 3

 - Once registered, students must email with the following information: your exam date,  your exam time, the proctor's name, the proctor's phone number, and the proctor's email. Your proctor must be copied on this email. 

Please note: Proctors must be a supervisor, manager, or brokerage principal. 

Step 4 

- Once IBANB approves your exam date/time/proctor, and Captus Press processes your payment, an email will be sent to the student with exam login codes. Proctors will also receive an email with their proctor codes. Please note: These codes are only valid for the date and time that the student has been approved to write.

Step 5

 - Students write their online exam ( 3.5 hours )

Step 6

 - Students may log in to and click My Courses to view their exam marks. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your exam to be marked.

At any time, students may contact Captus Press with questions regarding codes, the registration process, or technical difficulties. Support is available from 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Call 1-866-348-7888 or email 


Licensing Education Policies

IBANB maintains several internal policies to uphold the integrity, quality, and consistency of its licensing exams. 

1. Proctoring

  1. To be eligible to act as a proctor for licensing exams, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

    1. Hold a valid Level 3 Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance Licence from the FCNB;
    2. Be an approved exam proctor/supervisor at a recognized post-secondary institution; or
    3. I am currently employed by IBANB.

  2. Proctor nomination forms must be submitted no less than three (3) business days prior to the date of the exam. Forms not signed by both the examinee and proposed proctor with the correct exam dates will be rejected.

  3. Exam proctors are responsible for:

    1. Ensuring the examinee is supervised at all times and does not have access to any unpermitted materials or aids that might assist them in answering the exam questions;
    2. Reporting immediately to IBANB any suspected cheating or misconduct;
    3. Ensuring the exam is administered within the time allotted; and
    4. Ensuring the examinee does not save or reproduce any written, printed, or electronic copies of the exam content.

2. Exams

  1. Exam registration is to be completed no less than three (3) business days prior to the exam date.

  2. Upon exam approval by IBANB, exams must be completed within one (1) calendar year from the date of registration. Incomplete exams will be cancelled and are not subject to refund.

  3. Should the third exam be failed, the student must wait six (6) months to re-write the failed exam.

  4. Should an exam fail following the six-month waiting period, the period begins again based on the date of the second failed exam.

  5. Exams cancelled for any reason are subject to a full refund if the exam has not been started.

  6. Exams may be deferred one time at no cost. Additional exam date changes are subject to a $50 fee (plus tax).

  7. Students may challenge the results of their exams by requesting that exams be remarked on.

    1. This request must be received by IBANB within 30 days of the release of original grades.
    2. A $75 (plus tax) remarking fee is applied but is refundable if the remarking results in a higher grade.
    3. Should the remarked results be lower than the original results, the original mark will be applied.

  8. Students may request additional aids when writing exams to accommodate certain confirmed disabilities. This may include additional time to write an exam or dictation by the exam proctor. A doctor’s note may be required to qualify.

3. Exam Markers

  1. Individuals who are retained to mark exams by IBANB cannot proctor exams. 

  2. To be eligible for consideration as an IBANB exam marker, individuals must hold a valid Level 3 P&C Insurance Licence (or equivalent as approved by IBANB), have been or be actively employed in the insurance industry, and have successfully completed all four Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) exams.

4. Integrity & Misconduct

  1. Examinees who are deemed to have cheated or acted dishonestly by IBANB will automatically fail the exam in question and will be banned from writing IBANB-administrated exams for one (1) year.

  2. Related misconduct by either the proctor or examinee will automatically invalidate the candidate’s exam results, rendering them ineligible for licensing or designation purposes.

  3. Any deviation from exam rules by the student or proctor may be subject to disciplinary measures. It is considered a breach of professional ethics to act as an exam proctor and not follow the proctor's instructions as outlined in this policy.

  4. Students deemed by IBANB to have manipulated or changed related documents, including — but not limited to — credit hour certificates, will be barred from receiving credit hours from any IBANB course or event for one (1) year and may be subject to disciplinary measures.

5. Exam Administration

  1. Fundamentals of Insurance

    1. These are closed-book exams. Students may not have any reference materials or tools during the exams.
    2. The maximum allotted time is 2.5 hours (150 minutes).
    3. The passing grade is 75%. Results will be automatically displayed upon submission.
    4. Questions can be completed in any order. Once the final submit button has been clicked on the review page, the exam is submitted and answers cannot be changed.

  2. CAIB

    1. These are closed-book exams. Students may bring one sheet of blank paper, a writing tool (i.e. pen or pencil), and a calculator. No other tools or materials are permitted.
    2. The maximum allotted time is 3.5 hours (210 minutes).
    3. The passing grade is 60%. Students will be notified when marks are available.
    4. Questions can be completed in any order. Once the final submit button has been clicked on the review page, the exam is submitted and answers cannot be changed.

For more information about any of these policies, please e-mail banb@nbinsurancebrokers.c

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