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Fundamentals of Insurance

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Welcome to the world of property and casualty insurance, personal and commercial insurance, legal liability, automobile insurance, accident, and sickness insurance, contracts, regulation of brokers, insurance definitions – you will learn it all in this introductory course.
Your learning will focus on the many insurance needs of the consumer by following the lives of the Butlers, a hypothetical family, who serve as an example to illustrate the workings of various insurance concepts. The main purpose of this approach is to break down the learning barriers that are often associated with specialized or technical disciplines such as insurance.

Program Overview

The successful completion of this foundation course satisfies the education requirement for a Level 1 license in New Brunswick.

Starting with the history of insurance, this course will guide you through definitions, functions, and major classes of the organization of insurance.

Your learning will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to General Insurance
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Role of Government in the Insurance Industry
  • Insurance Process
  • Common Characteristics of Property Insurance Policies
  • Personal Property (Habitational) Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Principles of Legal Liability
  • Introduction to Liability Insurance
  • Liability Insurance Policies
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Introduction to Automobile Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance – The Policy
  • Statutory Conditions and Endorsements
  • Regulation of Brokers


Method of Study: Students can register for self-study at any time of the year. During registration, students can purchase a textbook, practice exam, and marking guide. Once the student feels ready to challenge the exam, they can register to do so. There is no time limit between ordering the textbook to the completion of the examination.

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Before registering:

  • Please note, marks will not be released until payment is received by our office
  • Your exam results will be posted to this website under your profile


For more information, please contact the Professional Development Coordinator.