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Webinar: Introduction to Quandri

octobre 5, 2023, 2:00 - 3:30 PM

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Jackson is the CEO of Quandri and a regular speaker on AI and automation, focusing on how insurance brokerages can use this technology to actually make a meaningful difference in their businesses. Learn what this technology actually is, and where brokerages are seeing real bottom line improvements using automation. Also learn what to avoid so you don't get caught up chasing bright and shiny objects.

At a past company, there was a lot of repetitive work that was prone to errors, hard to staff, and wasn't completed reliably.

Looking for a solution, we ended up learning the technology to build our own software robots. We immediately saw how valuable this technology could be for other SMBs who had neither the expertise nor the desire to implement these themselves.

Quandri was founded to bring this technology to SMBs. Quickly after starting, we pivoted to serving the insurance brokerage market. Underserved by technology vendors and inundated with manual and repetitive work, brokerages don’t have the tools to make the changes they want. Quandri fixes that by partnering deeply with brokers and giving them the freedom to build their business on their terms.

'Take the best of computers and humans to eliminate the boring and mundane work people shouldn't be doing - making work more meaningful and enjoyable for those doing it.'

Jackson Fregeau, Co-Founder & CEO


Jackson studied finance at the University of Calgary before spending most of his career in Vancouver building and scaling startups. Founding and running his own business has been a lifelong goal of Jackson's, which he's excited to be achieving through Quandri.

When not working, Jackson is usually spending time with his wife, reading a good book, or taking in as much of British Columbia’s beautiful outdoors as possible.